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Check cosmetic dentistry cost, implants, vereers cost etc.


Cosmetic dentistry cost:

Consultation, examination and treatment plan FREE

Annual control check-up FREE

Digital panoramic X-ray FREE

Local anesthetic, tranquilizers, sedation FREE



Composite restoration/replacement filling on 1 surface 190 PLN

Composite restoration/replacement filling on 2 surfaces 240 PLN

Composite restoration/replacement filling on 3 surfaces 290 PLN

Tooth restoration with composite 400 PLN

Glass fiber or metal root post (root reinforcement) 500 PLN



Root canal treatment of tooth with 1 root canal 250 PLN

Root canal treatment of tooth with 2 root canals 450 PLN

Root canal treatment of tooth with 3 root canals 550 PLN

Root canal treatment of tooth with 4 root canals 650 PLN

Microscopic root canal treatment (under microscope) Priced individually

Professional In-Office Laser Whitening (Upper and Lower Teeth) 1 000 PLN

Fluoride treatment (3 cycles) 240 PLN Composite veneer (plastic resin) 400 PLN

Dental implants prices:



Cortex Classix Implant (titanium post) – 10 year guarantee 2 500 PLN

Alpha-Bio Tec SPI Implant (titanium post) – Lifetime guarantee 2 750 PLN

ABUTMENTS (CONNECTOR): Cortex Classix standard abutment (straight titanium connector) 750 PLN

Alpha-Bio Tec standard abutment (straight titanium connector) 1 000 PLN

Individual custom-made abutment (customized connector) 1 500 PLN



PFM crown (Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal crown) 1 000 PLN

CAD/CAM all-ceramic crown (Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing) 1 540 PLN

Zirconia crown (hand-made crown made of zirconium) 1 900 PLN

Porcelain veneer 1 200 PLN

Ceramic inlay / onlay / overlay 1 200 PLN



Full denture 1 500 PLN

Partial denture 1 000 PLN

Frame partial denture (cast partial denture / cobalt chrome) 1 700 PLN

DENTAL BRIDGE (joined crowns) No. of teeth X price of crown Night guard (occlusal splint) 500 PLN


Dental surgery prices:

Extraction of single-rooted tooth (non-surgical) 140 PLN

Extraction of multi-rooted tooth (non-surgical) 200 PLN

Surgical extraction of tooth (surgical tooth extraction) 350 PLN

Extraction of wisdom tooth (non-surgical) 180-260 PLN

Surgical extraction of wisdom tooth 500 PLN

Root resection 700 PLN

Cyst enucleation (surgical cyst removal) 750 PLN

Fistula closure (closure of oroantral communication) 500 PLN

Bone grafting 1 000 PLN Sinus lift (closed procedure) 2 000 PLN


Teeth cleaning prices:

Deep cleaning (scaling and root planing) 160 PLN

Deep cleaning + Air abrasion cleaning (sandblasting) 200 PLN

Deep cleaning + Air abrasion cleaning + Fluoride treatment 240-340 PLN


* In addition : Prices may slightly vary , please send us a request to get precise prices